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Chemicals ruthlessly efficient

designed for your safety and comfort

High-quality chemical products and cosmetics are needed at every step. You protect health and take care of cleanliness and hygiene due to them. That is why You need the best. Products that are both 100% effective and user-friendly in everyday use. Top Chemistic provides such solutions.

As a producer of modern chemicals and cosmetics, we focused on uncompromising quality of our solutions combined with the comfort of their use on a daily basis.

Why choose us?

Distribution in Poland and all over the world
We care about the environment
State of the art solutions
High quality products

What makes our products different?

Friendly scent

we prove that modern chemical products do not have to mean unpleasant, pungent aroma. They can be 100% effective and smell nice! This is particularly important when cleaning utility rooms.

Restrictive selection of active ingredients

we create compositions based on proven and tested substances to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Strictly controlled production process

we comply with applicable laws and requirements in the European Union. Constant quality monitoring, including laboratory tests before placing products on the market, is the best guarantee of the reliability of the proposed solutions.

Top Chemistic

Top Chemistic works primarily with wholesalers throughout Poland and entire European Union. We provide competitive financial conditions and safe delivery of our products in cooperation with a specialized forwarding company.
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